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Southern Maryland’s premier, high-energy party pop/rock band!

We also play special 80’s parties and acoustic gigs!


Wildgood is a high-energy five piece party rock/pop band based in Southern Maryland. We play popular rock, pop and country covers that get people dancing and singing - a great mix of songs from the 90's, 2000's, and today's music.


We also do special 80's nights, private parties, and acoustic gigs. Ask us about booking your event today!


Rock/Pop Gigs

Our high-energy party rock/pop events feature music from a variety of genres and eras! Music that makes you dance and sing-a-long! Come out & bring your friends to a Wildgood gig near you!

80's Dance Parties

Wildgood can bring the 80's party to a venue near you - we've got swag, giveaways, costume contests and, of course, 80's music all night!! Book us for a special 80's gig now!

Acoustic Nights

Mark and Suzanne can provide a more low-key acoustic night to a venue that requires a little less than a full band - dinners, parties, and special events. Always fun, we play unconventional and fun music!

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